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Speaker: Jerome Feret , INRIA/ENS/CNRS, France
Period:2009-01-21 15:00 ~ 2009-01-29 15:00
Place:Room 309-1, Bldg 302, SNU


I will present two major works of domain-specific abstract interpretation technologies: one on static analysis of systems biology, and the other on static analysis of an avionic control software. By "domain-specific" we mean a fully automatic static analysis systems that are proven correct yet generate almost no false positives.
Part 1: Reachability analysis of protein-protein interaction networks[VMCAI08]. [talk slide / paper]
Part 2: Automatic reduction of ODE semantics for protein-protein interaction networks [PNAS 2009, submitted] [talk slide / paper]
Part 3: An overview of ASTREE [2002,PLDI 2003,ESOP 2005] [paper1 /paper2 /paper3]
Part 4: Two examples of numerical domains [ESOP 2004,VMCAI 2005] [talk slide /paper]
Part 5: Reduced product in ASTREE. [ASIAN 2006] [talk slide /paper]

Short bio

I am born in 1977.
I entered 'Ecole normale sup'erieure in 1997 and started Abstract Interpretation in 1998.
I defended my PhD about the abstract interpretation of mobile systems (supervised by Patrick Cousot) in 2005 (Feb).
Concurrently, I have participated to the ASTREE project, since the beginning 2001 (Nov).
I am also interested in Biology:
I started collaborating with Vincent Danos in 2005 and I have been
involved in the "Programs as models" project of Walter Fontana (Harvard Medical School).
I have made a Post-Doc with Walter Fontana at the Systems Biology
department of Harvard Medical School, and I keep on this collaboration.
In 2008 (Oct), I entered INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, as a permanent research
fellow in the Abstraction team (supervised by Patrick Cousot) at 'Ecole normale sup'erieure.


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