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Speaker:Charles Hymans , EADS
When:2011-10-20 10:00
Place:Room 309, Bldg 302, SNU


This talk is about my software development methodology. It was refined during many years of work on real-life business and research software applications ranging from Medium to Large. Although using only simple known techniques and tools, this methodology guaranties projects are progressively converging towards 0-defects. I will end the talk by proposing a list of research topics of concrete interest for the hectic environment of software development.

Short bio

Holding a PhD in computer science from Ecole polytechnique, Charles Hymans started his career at EADS Innovation Works as a researcher. He then led, during 4 years, a team dedicated to the design of static analysis tools for C programs. After that, he spent a sabbatical year as the technical director of a software spinoff for the oil industry. And now works as a senior software developer at EADS. Feel free to visit his blog about software at:

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