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Speaker:Prof. Michel Chaudron , Department of Computer Science of Chalmers & Gothenburg University in Sweden
When:2014-12-01 11:00
Place:Rm 309, Bldg 302, SNU


Modeling is a common part of modern day software engineering practice. Little evidence is exists about how models are made and how they help in producing better software. In this talk I will present highlight from the last decade of research that I have performed in the area of software modeling using UML. Topics that will be addressed: What is the state of UML modeling in practice? How can we assess the quality of UML models? How do engineers look at UML models? Do UML models actually help in creating better software? I will overview some of the ongoing projects that aim to enhance the effectiveness of modeling.

Short bio

Michel Chaudron is Full Professor and Head of the Software Engineering division which is part of the joint Department of Computer Science of Chalmers and Gothenburg University in Sweden. Prior to this, we work at Universities in Leiden and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He obtained his Ph.D. in the area of normal methods and programming languages for parallel computing. His research interests are in: software rchitecture, software design, software modeling, software composition and empirical studies in software engineering.

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