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09/29/17               Dynamic Tracing for Legion
Wonchan Lee ,  Computer Science Department, Stanford 
06/14/16               Efficient Deterministic Replay and Data Race Detection for Multithreaded Programs
이동윤(Dongyoon Lee) ,  Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech [talk slide]
03/04/16               The Equational, Rational Path Ordering
Jean-Pierre Jouannaud ,  École Polytechnique [talk slide]
12/09/15               Moving Fast with Software Verification
Peter O'Hearn ,  Facebook & University College London [talk slide]
12/08/15               Shape analysis for unstructured sharing (joint work with Huisong Li and Bor-yuh Evan Chang)
Xavier Rival ,  INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt 
09/18/15               Probabilistic Programming
Prof. Hongseok Yang ,  Dept of Computer Science, University of Oxford 
07/07/15               Java Garbage Collection on the Cloud
하정우(Jungwoo Ha) ,  Google INC, USA 
05/07/15               Static Analysis of Spreadsheet Applications for Type-Unsafe Operations Detection
Xavier Rival ,  École Normale Supérieure, Paris 
12/19/14               Automatic Computation Offload for Native Applications
김한준 교수 ,  포항공과대학교 POSTECH 
12/01/14               Empirical Studies in the Effectiveness of Modeling in Software Development
Prof. Michel Chaudron  ,  Department of Computer Science of Chalmers & Gothenburg University in Sweden  
11/04/14               Deploying Formal in a Simulation World
CEO Vigyan Singhai ,  Oski Technology [talk slide]
10/16/14               To Dream the Impossible Dream: Toward Security Analysis for JavaScript
Dr.Julian Dolby ,  IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center  [talk slide]
07/28/14               [The 11th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
05/23/14               Isolation Types and Multi-core Processors
Alan Mycroft ,  Cambridge University 
05/21/14               Application Hacking 및 GCPS(Global Cyber Patrol System) 소개
김문진(Munjin Kim) ,  삼성 SDS 통합보안센터 CERT 
05/01/14               디지털 포렌식 소개 및 R/D 전략
이상진(Sangjin Lee) 교수 ,  고려대학교  
03/06/14               Counterexample ranking using mined invariants
Ansuman Banerjee ,  Indian Statistical Institute, India 
01/13/14               [The 10th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
12/31/13               Formal Specification and Verification of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
Kyungmin Bae ,  Computer Science at University of Illinois [talk slide]
12/27/13               Understanding Eventual Consistency
Hongseok Yang ,  University of Oxford [talk slide]
11/05/13               Towards a modular memory abstraction
Xavier Rival  ,  École Normale Supérieure, Paris [talk slide]
10/30/13               Modular Construction of Shape-Numeric Analyzers
Xavier Rival ,  École Normale Supérieure, Paris [talk slide]
10/05/13               Probabilistic Programming Workshop
ROPAS members, 허충길(Chung-Kil Hur), 김지훈(Jihun Kim) ,  SNU 
05/16/13               Localizing and Explaining Non-deadlock Concurrency Bugs
박상민(Sangmin Park) ,  Georgia Institute of Technology 
01/30/13               [The 9th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
12/18/12               Crowdsourcing Video Annotations to Enhance the Learning Experience of How-to Videos
김주호(Juho Kim) ,  MIT CSAIL 
10/04/12               Static Analysis for JavaScript
Anders Møller ,  Aarhus University 
08/03/12               Pervasive Model Checking
Jin Song Dong ,  National Univ. of Singapore  [talk slide]
07/25/12               [The 8th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
06/20/12               Accurate and Scalable Managed Runtime Monitoring and Analysis
하정우(Jungwoo Ha) ,  Google Inc. 
06/08/12               Marco: Safe, Expressive Macros for Any Language
Byeongcheol Lee ,  GIST, KOREA 
06/07/12               Chimera: Hybrid Program Analysis for Determinism
Dongyoon Lee ,  University of Michigan, USA 
05/15/12               Program Analysis using Quantifier Elimination Hueristics
Deepak Kapur ,  University of New Mexico [talk slide]
04/23/12               Formally Certified Satisfiability Solving
Duckki Oe ,  ComputationaLogic Center [talk slide]
03/29/12               Types for Hereditary Permutators
Makoto Tatsuta ,  NII [talk slide]
01/16/12               [The 7th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
10/20/11               Software Development, Learning from the Trenches
Charles Hymans ,  EADS 
09/15/11               How to Make Ad Hoc Proof Automation Less Ad Hoc
Derek Dreyer ,  Max Planck Institute for Software Systems [talk slide]
08/26/11               Parametric abstract domains for shape analysis
Xavier Rival ,  École Normale Supérieure [talk slide]
08/22/11               WebBlaze: New Techniques and Tools for Web Security & BitBlaze: Computer Security via Binary Analysis
Dawn Song ,  U.C. Berkeley [talk slide]
06/25/11               [The 6th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
04/14/11               Regular Languages and Applications
YoSub Han ,  Yonsei University [talk slide]
03/15/11               Type Inference for Bimorphic Recursion
Makoto Tatsuta ,  National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo [talk slide]
02/14/11               Reasoning about correctness of software transactional memory
Tarmo Uustalu ,  Institue of Cybernetics at TUT, Tallinn [talk slide]
02/11/11               SSLShader: Cheap SSL Acceleration with Commodity Processors
Kyung Soo Park ,  KAIST [talk slide]
01/06/11               [The 5th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
12/22/10               TaintDroid: An Information-Flow Tracking System for Realtime Privacy Monitoring on Smartphones
Byung-Gon Chun ,  Intel Labs Berkeley [talk slide]
11/19/10               Robot Skill Synthesis through Human Sensorimotor Learning
Jan Babic ,  Jozef Stefan Institue, Slovenia 
11/11/10               String Analysis as an Abstract Interpretation
Se-Won Kim ,  KAIST 
11/04/10               Abstract parsing with string updateds using LR-parsing technology
David Schmidt ,  Kansas State University [talk slide]
11/04/10               Namespace-based Language Modelling
David Schmidt ,  Kansas State University [talk slide]
09/03/10               A Safety-Assured Development Approach for Real-Time Software
Eunkyoung Jee ,  University of Pennsylvania [talk slide]
08/25/10               [The 4th ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
04/15/10               Type Checking with Open type Functions
Tom Schrijvers ,  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium [talk slide 1/talk slide 2]
04/15/10               Strictness Meets Data Flow
Tom Schrijvers ,  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium [talk slide]
04/12/10               ROSAEC, KAOC, and CEEDS Joint Workshop
Sungdeok Cha, Sehun Jeong, Kwangkeun Yi, and Sungkeun Cho ,  CEEDS and ROSAEC Center 
03/15/10               Completeness of Pointer Program Verification by Separation Logic
Makoto Tatsuta ,  National Institute of Informatics [talk slide]
01/07/10               [The 3rd ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
01/05/10               The Linear Temporal Logic of Rewriting Model Checker in Maude
Kyungmin Bae ,  Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [talk slide]
12/23/09               Constrained Environment Inference for Verification of Multi-Threaded Programs
Corneliu Popeea ,  Max Plank Institute for Software Systems 
12/22/09               Local Reasoning for Read-Copy-Update
Hongseok Yang ,  Queen Mary, Univ. of London [talk slide]
12/16/09               Types and Recursion Schemes for Higher-Order Program Verification
Naoki Kobayashi ,  Tohoku University [talk slide]
12/15/09               The Twilight Zone: from testing to formal specifications and back again
Koen Claessen ,  Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden [talk slide]
12/14/09               The Sketching Approach to Program Synthesis
Armando Solar-Lezama ,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology [talk slide]
12/13/09               Parallel Programming in Fortress
Sukyoung Ryu ,  Computer Science, KAIST [talk slide 1/talk slide 2]
12/13/09               Separation Logic from the Perspective of Program Analysis
Hongseok Yang ,  Queen Mary, University of London [talk slide 1/talk slide 2]
11/06/09               Hoare Logic for the Coinductive Trace-Based Big-Step Semantics of While
Keiko Nakata ,  Tallinn University of Technology [talk slide]
10/29/09               An Evolution-Centric Perspective on Software Testing
Gregg Rothermel ,  University of Nebraska-Lincoln [talk slide]
10/29/09               Automated Verification via Separation Logic
Cristina David ,  National University of Singapore [talk slide]
10/14/09               Logical Relations and Compositional Compiler Correctness
Chung-Kil Hur ,  University of Cambridge [talk slide]
09/08/09               Type Checking Program Generators Using the Record Calculus
Tankut Baris Aktemur ,  Ozyegin University, Turkey [talk slide]
09/05/09               Deriving Invariants by Algorithmic Learning, Decision Procedures, and Predicate Abstraction
Bow-Yaw Wang ,  Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica [talk slide]
09/05/09               Comparative Study on Software Model Checkers as Unit Testing Tools based on an Industrial Case Study
Moonzoo Kim ,  Computer Science, KAIST [talk slide]
08/31/09               Survey Workshop on Corpus-based Shape Analysis
ROPAS Members, Research on Corpus-based Shape Analysis ,  SNU 
08/31/09               Components and Static analysis
Bruno Oliveira ,  ROSAEC Center [talk slide]
07/30/09               Approximate Inference: Decomposition Methods with Applications to Computer Vision
Kyomin Jung ,  Computer Science, KAIST [talk slide]
07/09/09               [The 2nd ROSAEC Center Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
07/08/09               A Brief Overview Assume-Guarantee Reasoning via Learning
Bow-Yaw Wang ,  Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica [talk slide]
06/19/09               Interactive proving and programming in Coq
Hugo Herbelin ,  INRIA [talk slide]
06/02/09               WYSINWYX: What You See Is Not What You eXecute
Gogul Balakrishnan ,  NEC Laboratories America, Inc.  [talk slide]
05/12/09               Bi-abductive inference for reasoning about heaps
Peter O'Hearn ,  Queen Mary, University of London [talk slide]
05/11/09               From Separation Logic to Systems Code
Peter O'Hearn ,  Queen Mary, University of London [talk slide]
04/30/09               Symbolic Model Checking Property Specification Language
Ji Wang ,  National University of Defense Technology [talk slide]
04/17/09               소형무인헬기용 임베디드 소프트웨어의 구조와 적용
김두현 ,  건국대학교 인터넷미디어공학부 [talk slide]
04/10/09               Relationship between Curry-Howard-correspondence and semantics
Gyesik Lee ,  ROSAEC Center [talk slide]
02/13/09               Survey Workshop on Static Analysis of Binary Code
MES Lab. Members ,  SNU 
02/04/09               Survey Workshop on Static Analysis for Malware Detection
SE Lab. Members ,  SNU 
01/21/09               Domain-Specific Abstract Interpretations : Experience Reports
Jerome Feret ,  INRIA/ENS/CNRS, France [speaker's page]
01/17/09               Survey Workshop on Class Analysis
ROPAS Members, Research On Program Analysis System ,  SNU 
01/14/09               P2P Botnet Enumeration and Banking Trojan Crimwares
Byung-Hoon Kang ,  University of North Carolina at Charlotte [talk slide/paper]
12/30/08               Randomized Active Testing for Concurrent Programs
Chang-Seo Park ,  UC Berkeley [talk slide]
12/24/08               Shared Subtypes : Subtyping recursive parameterized algebraic data types
Ki-Yung Ahn ,  Portland State University [talk slide]
12/12/08               Alleviating False Alarm Problem of Static Buffer Overflow Analysis
Youil Kim ,  KAIST [talk slide]
11/21/08               [ROSAEC Center Kick-off Workshop]
ROSAEC members ,  ROSAEC Center 
11/19/08               Destabilization of Adversarial Organizations with Strategic Interventions: Computational Organization Theory Approach
Il-Chul Moon ,  KAIST [talk slide]
11/17/08               Analyzing and Inferring the Structure of Code Changes
Miryung Kim ,  University of Texas, Austin [talk slide]
10/01/08               Statistical Machine Translation
Changbum Park ,  Seoul National University [talk slide]
09/30/08               Abstract Interpretation and Application to the Static Analysis of Safety-Critical Embedded Computer Software
Patrick Cousot ,  Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris [talk slide]

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